Nordic Folkboat

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The Nordic Folkboat is a small sailboat, rigged as a sloop. The design of this boat was the result of a competition held by the Scandinavian Yacht Racing Union in 1942, who were hoping to create an easily sailed and low cost boat. The competition produced no outright “winner ” but, taking the best features of a number of the entries received, the organisers commissioned professional designer Tord Sundén to create a craft that met the goals of the design competition. The resulting boat went on to become an international favorite of sailors and still endures more than 60 years after its design. The first Nordic Folkboat was built in Göteborg in Sweden, and as of 2007, more than 4000 Nordic Folkboats are still sailing around the world.
Fibreglass & timber Folkboats side by side. The fibreglass boat on the left was built by Folkebadcentralen, Kerteminde, in 2006 the timber boat was built in Australia in 1964. Whilst the hulls are identical in shape, the cabin top and cockpit on the ‘Australian Folkboat’ on the right differ from the original design.


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